Our work in a nutshell

We are keen on developing the capacity of local partners. As a result, we provide advice and support in the areas of Human Resources, Programme design & management, ICT, Finance & Control and Communications.

Our partners are chosen carefully and focus on vulnerable groups like women, youth, Christians, Yezidi’s, neglected refugee groups and IDPs.

Assessment & Planning

Via a network of partner organisations, staff, volunteers, affiliates and consultants, Care4You conducts assessments on a broad range of topics. Assessments vary from context analysis focussing on Political, Religious, Economic, Social and Technical aspects of MENA societies, to specialised research on the resilience, vulnerability and access to safe spaces for women and youth. We also conduct a broad range of needs assessments for local communities which have included problem tree analysis, rapid appraisal, and support partners to assess effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of their interventions.

In addition, we have provided research assistance on topics such as:

  • Social Media usage by rural and religious youth
  • Prevalence and causes of Domestic Violence
  • Religious Freedom
  • State of Mental Health
  • Rural and local functional literacy

Programme Management

In the area of programme management, we provide hands-on support in assessments, programme design and planning, programme implementation and Monitoring & Evaluation. Programme examples and focus areas are: Education, Women and Youth Empowerment, Trauma Care and dealing with loss, Advocacy, Online initiatives and programmes and Income Generating initiatives.

Programme Implementation

Care4You occasionally takes up a role of direct implementer in times of crisis like war of conflict, displacement of people etc. These interventions are in the area of relief and rehabilitation, but again and always in close cooperation with local or international partners.

Organisational Support

For our local partners we provide advice and support in the fields of Human Resources, Finance & Control/Audits, and ICT, Staff Care and Staff Development and Crisis Management. Through a network of professional communicators, we enable our partners to communicate about impact and on the ground realities and our ICT experts support in the areas of soft- and hardware, cloud services, security and telecom services.