Our work in a nutshell

Care4You is keen on valuing and developing the capacity of local partners. In that respect we do not solo implement projects or activities, but we collaborate as peers with our partners and provide advice and support in various fields of expertise.

You can benefit from our expertise by retaining us as consultant. We can collaboratively take the extra step of helping you with thorough assessments, or we can go the extra mile and help out in full operational support with implementing activities or projects. Please allow us to explain more about these 3 different levels of involvement.


Our Care4You consultants and staff have a good track record in helping local partners to get up to speed or to give initial support to get going and keep going. We can unburden you or your own staff by offering practical organisational support in the various fields of expertise or by advising on specific topics or tools:

  • Human resources and staff development,
  • Finance & compliance, which includes auditing and control,
  • Information and communication technology (ICT), which includes soft- and hardware, cloud solutions and security,
  • Practical advise on best deployment of present-day tools like social media,
  • Expert view on challenging topics like; leadership, youth, trauma awareness, domestic violence and more,
  • Management support and crisis management.


With our decades of experience and through our reliable network of partner organisations, we can collaborate to thoroughly assess the project idea or acquisition challenge you are facing.

This ranges from assessment of staff in the field of human resources to assessing the feasibility of a certain project idea or crisis situation and how to move forward.

Basically in all the fields of expertise – as mentioned above under ‘Consultancy’ – we can assist you to be able taking the next step.

We have several programs to conduct assessments, varying from context analysis, problem tree analysis, rapid appraisal and more. Please contact us to find out about the wide scope of our toolkit.


When you lack staff or capacity to carry out your plan or proposal, Care4You can take up the role of providing hands-on support and be your direct implementing partner. We closely collaborate with you and your team to develop an Assessment, to design the Programme and make a realistic Planning, and to actually Implement the project. But also, to make sure to have proper Monitoring & Evaluation during and after implementation.

If needed Care4you can carry out this implementation at great discretion, in the role subcontractor who does not take the credit for himself but is serving the collaborating partner.

Examples where Care4You has been involved in in the past are programmes like: Education, empowerment of women and youth, trauma care and dealing with loss, advocacy, online initiatives, income generating initiatives, relief support and support in displacement. Please be inspired by the impact of some of Care4You’s activities.