About us

Who we are

Care4You is a non governmental organisation (NGO) rooted in the Netherlands with an extensive network of strategic partners in the Middle East which makes us agile and well connected in the region. We closely collaborate with befriended NGO’s, international relief organisations, faith-based organisations and local religious communities like churches and renowned institutes.

Care4You is a registered not-for-profit organisation. We collaborate with any social actor or community-based organisation that shares our vision. We are open to come alongside initiatives that support vulnerable groups in the Middle East and North Africa.

Our story

Care4You was founded in the Netherlands as ‘Stichting Care’ in 1985 and was re-named Care4You in 2012.

In its initial years, Care4You focussed on research and assessment. For our partners we explored the feasibility of implementing activities or projects, for example in the area of social economic development and relief.

Over time, Care4You has grown to becoming a team of experts and consultants with profound knowledge and experience. We can collaborate with your organisation in three levels of involvement;  consultancy, assessment and implementation. Please continue reading about the specific services we offer, and find out how we can serve you.

Vision and mandate

While growing as a team, Care4You continued to stick to its core conviction and vision of the importance of diversity for the Middle East and North Africa. In a clash of powers, (faith based) minorities may be perceived as vulnerable groups, but we believe they continue to play a vital role in their local communities and for the wider society.

We are driven to partner with like-minded organisations and social actors who share our vision to empower vulnerable groups in society.

Our financial Support

As an NGO, Care4You is financially dependent on the grants submitted by our partners that retain our services. Care4You can also lean on a trusted network of private investors that support our vision and contribute to our mission.

Occasionally, Care4You mediates to secure government funding for specific programmes and activities. In these situations, Care4You always makes sure to display full transparency to guarantee integrity and independency.